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Sonrisa (la sonrisa = smile) combines traditional, latin-american music with modern notes in an authentic mix of own and well known songs. Because of its unique typical sound, which reflects all colours of hispanic music, this new, likeable formation cares with body and soul for plenty drive and energy. Expressive melodies and agile rhythms make you smile indeed when you see their charismatic lead singer Ciro Pannicke performing. The band offers a downright advanced musical level and a vivid show, which makes you dreamfully hover into southern hemispheres or at least forget the just sometimes dirty German weather while you're dancing... because the well-chosen and varied mix of Salsa, Son Cubano, Samba, Bachata, Bolero, Latinjazz and modern latin-american sounds are above all: music for dancing! Most important for Sonrisa is and will be the fun in the music, and that's something you really can hear ... and see as well!